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Sugar Ray's Rabbits

Our Farm

Our Farm
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Life on the Farm:

Our Farm
Our Farm

I grew up on the farm, in the house we live in. My parents were farmers. They retired and moved to a neighboring town.

I played sports when I was a kid. I loved baseball, basketball and volleyball.


My wife, Pat is shown petting our mini horse, Teak and her daughter, Misty.


As you can see, the animals really love Nicholas. He is with a baby llama named Willie.  Nicholas loves tractors and anything to do with the farm. He wants to be a farmer when he grows up. We tell him he has to go to college first. Then he can decide what he wants to be.

This is me (left) and my friend, Ben at Cortland, NY Spring of '06

I belonged to 4-H at a very young age. I began raising rabbits then. I've always had rabbits and I never lost my interest in the magnificent Flemish Giant.  Ten years ago, I renewed my interest for the Giant rabbits and now specialize in all 7 colors.  I raise my Flemish Giants for show and breeding.  Quality and health are my foremost concerns.


This is our daughter, Heather. She loves animals. She is hugging our English Pointer, Molly. Heather also loves the cats, the mini horses and our other English Pointer, Milly.

Ray and Nicholas, the Tractor Men
Working Hard!